Facts to be aware of before Mammaplasty

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Facts to be aware of before Mammaplasty

The appearance of your abdominal area can be changed by pregnancy, aging and weight fluctuations. The desire to get a youthful toned tummy is quite common after these particular situations. Sometimes the belly pouch is too stubborn to go away even after regular exercise, diet regimes and healthy lifestyle. This is the time when tummy tuck or abdominoplasty can provide you the shaped, toned and flat tummy which you aspire for. There are some facts you must be aware of before going ahead with the decision of tummy tuck surgery. Here is the precise guide about all the facts exclusively for you.

Candidacy or suitability

Anyone who is bothered by bulging abdomen and loose muscles can undergo this surgery. The person should be physically and mentally healthy to handle the surgery and its effects. Some people are suffering due to a highly imbalanced body index (height and weight proportion). Most of the females after several pregnancies are unable to get rid of their belly pouch and some people are irritated by excessive loose hanging skin and fat deposits after losing significant weight in a short span of period. Such people can undergo the surgery and fulfill their desire of having a youthful appearance and toned body. This surgery is not advisable to those who are minor or have any plans to get pregnant or want to lose some weight through exercise and diet or can’t quit smoking and alcohol for even some specific period.


There are different procedures of the tummy tuck and the best one is selected for you by your surgeon after analyzing your desires, needs and body type. Besides having different procedures, this surgery follows four basic steps which are:-

  • Anesthesia & incision creation
  • Abdominal Muscle tightening
  • Excess skin removal
  • Navel reattachment

You must be aware of different procedures:–

Liposuction:–If there is a moderate amount of fat and skin tone is good without sagging. Liposuction alone can produce a thin abdominal wall. Liposuction is not as massive as tummy tuck procedures because there is no removal of excess skin in liposuction. It targets only the fat deposits. It is a perfect technique for those who have excess fat but still have good elasticity and tone in the abdominal skin, as the skin will shrink after the surgery.

Full Tummy Tuck or Complete Abdominoplasty:–This procedure is generally for the people who have severe laxity of their abdominal muscles and these muscles require tightening both above or below the belly button or have excessive skin. It involves the following steps:-

  • Your surgeon will make a horizontal, curved incision near the pubic hairline which is from hip bone to hip bone.
  • Another incision is made to free the belly button from the surrounding area./li>
  • Then the excess skin, fatty tissues and muscles are contoured as needed.
  • Your navel is repositioned.
  • Liposuction of flanks and upper abdomen is often combined with this to refine the transition zone.
  • Wounds are closed with dressing, stitches, tapes or clips and sometimes a compression garment is also applied.
  • Drainage tubes may be there under your skin for the removal of excess fluid or blood. These will be removed when the surgeon sees it right.

Mini Tummy Tuck or Partial Abdominoplasty:– This procedure is used when people have laxity, fat deposits and excess skin below the navel. It tightens the area of the stomach between your belly button and pubic and lower abdominal muscles only. They are the most effective for the people who are within their recommended weight range but have a little pouch. It is less extensive than the full tummy tuck and involves:-

  • A smaller incision about 4 to 8 inches long will be made to the patient’s lower abdomen.
  • Then the surgeon will tighten the loose muscles and remove excess skin. Your navel is not likely to move though it is just pulled a bit lower.
  • Liposuction can be used to enhance the contour.
  • Then the flap is stitched back into place.
  • A compression garment is recommended to wear. You may or may not require drainage tubes.

Circumferential Abdominoplasty:–This procedure is opted to make drastic and dramatic changes to the patient’s physique after he or she has undergone massive weight loss.  Now, they are troubled with overhanging skin around their body such as the abdomen, outer thighs and buttocks. It is an extended abdominoplasty which is also called Belt Lipectomy. It involves:

  • An incision that extends all around the waist line, through which your surgeon will remove excess skin, fat and tightens the muscles.
  • The outer thighs and buttocks are also lifted.
  • Your navel is repositioned or a new navel is created.
  • A dressing is done and a compression garment is advised to wear.
  • Drainage tubes will be there for few days according t

Combination Procedures:–An abdominoplasty can be combined with liposuction, breast lift, breast reduction. Generally, when it is combined with breast procedures, it is called Mommy Makeover. In combination with liposuction, it is performed to contour hips, thighs and buttocks as well then it is often called Lipotuck.

Choice of surgeon

The most significant and crucial step is to select the surgeon. You must choose a surgeon who is well-qualified, board certified and well-experienced. He must have extensive knowledge and experience about the different procedures and he must be able to select the most appropriate technique for you. Not only this, but his behavior and code of conduct must be transparent and he must follow all the protocols. Most importantly, you must feel confident and comfortable enough with the selected surgeon so that you can go under his knife without any fear or doubt.

Adding to it, he must have a well-equipped clinic and surgery center. The ambience and hygiene at the surgical center matters to a great extent that will help you to recover quickly without any infections. Furthermore, he must have the arrangements at his clinic to tackle any medical emergency. You can observe the behavior of the staff at the clinic. You can also check the reviews and testimonials of previous patients to get an accurate idea about the surgeon. You must do all this because you are going to take the risk with your body and you only will have a permanent change. Therefore, choose the surgeon after a thorough research.


After tummy tuck surgery, you will be left with a permanent scar. Undoubtedly, it will fade a bit with the time but will not disappear. The scar’s size and location will depend upon the procedure your surgeon will perform on you. It will also be affected by the abdominal structure and the amount of extra skin to be removed. If you have a full tummy tuck procedure, you will have a scar from hip bone to hip bone. If you have a mini tummy tuck procedure, you will have a scar of 4 to 8 inches at the lower abdominal area. If your surgeon performs the circumferential tummy tuck then you will have a scar along the waistline. An experienced plastic surgeon will certainly place the incision carefully, so that the scar is well-concealed under the clothing.


An abdominoplasty carries the standard risks of anesthesia and surgery. You might experience pain, swelling, soreness, bruising and numbness. Some other complications are:-

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Fluid accumulation
  • Anesthesia risks
  • Poor wound healing
  • Scarring
  • Skin discoloration
  • Asymmetry
  • Tissue damage
  • Sensitivity in skin sensation
  • Inadequate results
  • Possibility of revision surgery


In general, recovery time span after abdominoplasty  is from two weeks to two months. During this period, it is extremely important that you adhere to the instructions given by your surgeon. He will place a lightweight drainage tube under the skin that will strain out the surplus fluid from the affected area. A compression garment may also be advised. At the initial stage, you will be fatigued, swollen and sore. Regular strenuous exercise and other physical activities will also need to be postponed for at least six weeks. You will need help for household chores and childcare. You will be advised to take two weeks off work to allow yourself to rest and heal after the surgery.


Abdominoplasty offers not only aesthetic results but medical also. Your self-confidence will be boosted and your self-image will be improved as you will notice a tauter, more toned tummy almost immediately. This result will be permanent with conditions applied. You need to put some efforts into keeping your body this way. You have to take a healthy, well-balanced diet and have to do regular exercise.

This surgery provides medical help in many ways. An integral part of a tummy tuck is repairing the rectus diastasis, which is a space between the rectus muscles that naturally occurs after childbirth or the significant weight loss. By this the core stability is improved. It also helps in improving the poor posture by improving the back curve.  It also improves your skin hygiene as skin folds are removed so skin condition in crevices improves. It may help with urinary incontinence.

With our surgeons you will be assured to get your desired goals without compromising the safety and quality of care. You will have a guided and comfortable journey with the experts of the field.


The cost of tummy tuck in India is 30 to 50% lower than in other countries, which is the reason why India is emerging as the most attractive center for this surgery worldwide. The cost can vary depending upon the technique of the surgery required and other medical conditions of the patient. Typically, its cost ranges around INR 50,000 to 2,00,000. Liposuction and other operating facilities require some additional expenditure. You must consult your surgeon to determine the final cost.

Most health insurance plans don’t cover this surgery, but still you must contact your insurance company and agent.

Success Rate

The success rate for the Tummy tuck surgery is extremely high, and patient satisfaction is almost universal. Research has shown that tummy tucks have an 80% success rate in which the patient is happy with the outcome and does not request or need additional surgery. The other 20% either are not satisfied or gain excessive weight rendering the first tummy tuck useless.

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