Tummy Tuck


Abdominoplasty is a common cosmetic procedure which is performed for aesthetic and reconstructive purposes. It is also called tummy tuck and the prime objective of this surgery is to achieve a flat and toned tummy contour. The excess sagging skin and fat is removed and the muscles of the abdominal wall are restored and tightened during this surgery. Most patients seek abdominoplasty because they wish to correct a contour abnormality. It can be helpful to get relief from poor posture and severe back pain trouble aroused due to protuberant abdomen. Abdominal fat can be extremely frustrating for men and women both.

This bothersome belly pouch can be the result of following:-

  • Significant weight fluctuations
  • Pregnancy or several pregnancies
  • Chronic obesity
  • Heredity
  • Aging
  • Prior surgeries
  • Natural body type
  • There are some conditions that make someone a right candidate for this surgery and some conditions are the fundamental to postpone or delay the surgery. These conditions are elaborated below.

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    The right candidates for the surgery

    After prominent weight loss and pregnancies, the abdomen never bounced back to its original shape as their skin and muscles are stretched beyond the point from where it cannot return to normal. In this situation only tummy tuck is the hope for such people to get their confidence back and acquire a flat tout abdomen.

    Your surgeon may find you as an unsuitable candidate for tummy tuck in some conditions or may advise you to postpone the surgery till a specific period. These conditions are:-

    Tummy Tuck cant do

    Abdominoplasty is a highly individualized procedure though this massive surgery is not helpful in correcting stretch marks. Considering, the excess skin area that is having stretch marks may get removed during the process. You must also discuss the scar length and placement with your surgeon before the surgery. If you previously had a C-section, your plastic surgeon might be able to incorporate your existing C-section scar into your tummy tuck scar.


    First of all, you need to find a qualified, experienced, technically up- to-date and modernized surgeon whom you can trust upon and who is empathetic enough with your condition. He must be well-versed with all the procedures of tummy tuck so that he can help you with the best suitable one according to your body type, need and choice.

    You must discuss your medical history, any chronic illness or any allergy that you have with him. As a result of this discussion, your doctor will be able to assess the risks and possible complications of the surgery for you. He will also be able to tell you what preparations you will need to make to ensure your recovery from surgery is as smooth as possible. Your surgeon will do some lab tests and may prescribe you some medications to adjust your current medical conditions or to make your body prepare for the surgery.

    A well-balanced diet is utmost important before the surgery as a proper diet and an accurate amount of nutrition will help you to heal and recover as soon as possible.

    He may ask you for photos before the surgery for many purposes such as to compare the previous with new look and to show you the incision site and scar length extra. You ought to discuss your expectations with your surgeon before the surgery so that you can have realistic expectations instead of having impossible magic with your body.

    During the procedure

    You will be under general anesthesia therefore you will not experience any pain during the surgery There are a number of techniques to opt one for you which will be depending upon your expectations, your goals and your body type.


    After the surgery, you will be under observation for a few days depending upon your condition.Your surgeon will prescribe you some painkillers, blood thinning tablets and antibiotics to accelerate your healing process and to avoid any kind of infection. He will also instruct you about the best position to sit or to lie down to help you to get relief from pain. You are advised to take good care of your personal hygiene and wear a compression garment for the first few weeks to support the repaired tissues and the new shape. You will be encouraged to walk after two or three days. You must abstain from smoking or any kind of nicotine and alcohol for at least two months. You are supposed to strictly refrain from strenuous activities and weight lifting for at least six weeks. You can return to your sedentary lifestyle after one month. You will be informed about the follow up meetings with your surgeon. Scars will fade away over time. Although a tummy tuck procedure can give your abdomen a more toned and slimmer appearance, the results are usually long lasting if you maintain a stable weight and follow diet programs and do exercise.

    Risks and Complications

    Tummy tuck is not an exception from other surgeries in regards to its potential side-effects. As expected, you will experience pain, swelling, soreness, bruising and numbness. There may be some other complications such as

    A well-qualified and well-experienced surgeon will certainly guide you through and give you a detailed description about all the potential risks. Not only this, he will put his best efforts to minimize all these complications and achieve the expected realistic goals of the result of a slimmer toned body.

    Our surgeons are committed to do the same for each and every aspirant as they are the top most ranked in India and are expert in their field while using the required techniques and helping in recovery as well.